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Chain chain hoists and chain hoists What is the difference?
Feb 07, 2018

Chain chain hoists and chain hoists is not the same as the name. The so-called chain chain hoists, also known as fairy gourd, jin not fall, hand hoist is a simple to use, easy to carry manual lifting machinery, also known as "chain hoist" or "chain."

Shanghai industrial chain chain hoist is used like this, when the chain hoist lifting heavy lifting gear, clockwise move the manual chain, bracelet wheel rotation, the friction plate ratchet, brake seat pressure into one common rotation, long axis of tooth Then turn the piece gear, short-tooth gear and spline hole gear. In this way, the lifting sprocket mounted on the spline hole gear drives the lifting chain to smoothly lift the weight. Pull down anti-clockwise when pulling the chain, the brake seat with the brake separation, the ratchet ratchet pawl under the action of static, five-gear long-axis driven lifting chain wheel in the opposite direction, so as to smoothly reduce the weight. Chain block commonly used ratchet friction plate one-way brake, under the load can brake itself, the pawl in the spring and the ratchet meshing engagement, brake safety.

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