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Characteristics and use rules of lever blocks
Jul 20, 2018

Lever block features: 

  1. safe and reliable, durable.

  2. good performance, easy maintenance.

  3. small size, light weight, easy to carry.

  4. hand plate has small force and high efficiency.

  5. advanced structure, beautiful appearance.

Lever block use rules: 

  1. prohibition overloading use.

  2. it is strictly prohibited to use other power operations other than manpower.

  3. make sure that the key is intact before use, the transmission part and the lifting chain are smooth, and the idle condition is normal.

  4. Check whether the hook is fastened on the top and bottom.Strictly prohibit the wrong operation of hanging heavy weights on hook tips. Lifting chains should not be twisted or twisted to ensure safety.

  5. if it is found that the force of the hand plate is greater than the normal plate force, it is necessary to immediately stop using A. heavy objects to relate to other objects. B. Lever hoist machine parts are damaged. Whether the C. weight exceeds the rated load of the lever block.

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