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Design requirements and bracelet drive for HHBD type 3 phase electric trolley
Dec 08, 2018

HHBD type 3 phase electric trolley is a kind of simple lifting, easy to operate, light and small transportation supporting lifting machinery. It can be combined with lifting products such as chain hoists and electric chain hoists to form a lifting and transporting trolley. The GCL and GCT series are freely run on the lower flange of the I-beam track which can have a certain radius of curvature for the transportation of goods and equipment.

The HHBD type 3 phase electric trolley is mainly driven by a bracelet. In use, it is mainly driven by a hand-pushing heavy object and can travel freely on the lower flange of the I-beam, and the wheel rim spacing can be according to the I-beam track. The width requirement is adjusted, and the manual hoist is hung under the driving, which can form a manual lifting transport trolley for various lifting machinery equipment industries.

The HHBD type 3 phase electric trolley has been specially designed to operate efficiently on the circular track during use, and can be implemented in hand-operated/hand-drawn models. This product, if not required by the customer, is the standard power cord and the length of the control button line is the same as the length of the lifting chain.

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