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Frequency electric hoist what are the tonnage and features?
Feb 07, 2018

The electric hoist with smooth running performance, which can reduce the starting and stopping the impact, especially for precision molds and other settings do not allow the vibration of the work environment. Frequency electric chain hoist pictures ★ ★ set according to demand lifting speed

The lifting speed can be set between 1/10 rated speed and rated speed to select the most suitable operating speed.

Can improve work efficiency

Under no-load, the lifting speed can be set between the rated speed and the rated speed of 1.5 times to improve the operating speed under no-load condition to improve the work efficiency. The company is located in:

Can easily set the car speed

Frequency inverter can control the running motor, which can conveniently run the running motor at a low speed, improve the accuracy of running positioning, and can also perform jogging operation

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