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Galvanized Hand Chain features and selection suggestions
Jun 26, 2018

In the current market, various chain products not only have different specifications but also have different materials. The most common of these are galvanized chains and stainless steel chains. There are many similarities between these two chains, and there are also some obvious differences.


In practical applications, we need to select the galvanized chain and the stainless steel chain in combination with its use conditions. Under normal circumstances, for a relatively dry indoor environment, the general use of stainless steel chain is very good. This is because it is used more outdoors, but if you want to maintain the appearance, you need to clean it regularly during daily use.


However, for some industrial areas with serious pollution, or coastal cities, due to the strong corrosion of the chain, it is necessary to use a corrosion-resistant galvanized chain. In particular, seawater is relatively corrosive and is easily corroded by a common stainless steel chain.


In short, the choice of the chain is very important, in some occasions it is suitable to choose the galvanized chain, and in some occasions it may be more appropriate to use the stainless steel chain. If you need strong corrosion, then it is recommended to choose galvanized chain.

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