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How heavy is the weight of chain hoists?
Feb 07, 2018

Different specifications of the chain hoists weight are not the same, under normal circumstances, 1 ton 3 m chain hoist weight is about 11kg; 2 tons 3 m chain hoists weighing about 15kg; 3 tons 3 m hand in hand Hoist weight about 25kg; 5 tons 3 m chain hoist weight is about 37kg; 10 tons 3 m chain hoist weight is about 70kg; 20 tons 3 m chain hoist weighs about 185kg; 30 tons 3 meters Hand chain hoist weighs about 290kg. The new stainless steel chain hoists, aluminum alloy chain hoists, explosion-proof chain hoists, lighter weight and better quality Professional chain hoists, hand hoist, hand hoist, electric chain hoist manufacturers.

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