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How to protect the lifting chain
Jul 18, 2018

      Lifting chain is an important part of chain hoist. What is the lifting chain and how to maintain it? 

      The nickel hardening chain of the lifting chain is specially treated by MODE and does not affect the initial chain performance. Nickel hardening chain has excellent performance and can resist corrosion caused by rainwater, sea water, streams and chemicals.

      The low carbon alloy steel chain of lifting chain is more toughness, stronger and wearable, and ensures safety in the work.

      The lifting chain of the other lifting chain adopts the 80 level surface lifting hardening chain of 7.1mm and 11.2mm, so as to ensure its safety and durability. The strong hardening surface of the lifting chain can protect product from damage and softenning the core material, so that the lifting chain can maintain high performance for a long time.

      The maintenance of the electric chain hoist chain, the chain please oil lubrication, high dust factory please oil, and regularly clear the chain and the limit guide slot group of foreign objects, to ensure the smooth operation of the chain.

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