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If TAIHU Chain Pulley Block could move left and right
Jul 27, 2018

      TAIHU Chain Pulley Block is lifting euipment in common. It is used to lift and down the weight.What should we do if we need to move left and right?

      When chain pulley block meets the cargo that needs to be moved around, we only need to hoist the chain block on the monorail car.The monorail trolley can move on the I-beam track, so that the use of hand chain hoist and monorail car can be quickly realized.The movement of the goods around the goods is simple and labor-saving.TAIHU Chain Pulley Block is easy to operate and easy to carry. It is suitable for all kinds of working environment. With the monorail car, it can also realize short distance transportation operation, save manpower and improve work efficiency.


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