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Is chain hoist lifting slower than wire rope hoist?
Nov 13, 2018

      There is a saying on the Internet that chain hoist rises slowly, and many netizens do not buy it. What is the truth?

      Manual chain hoist has been widely used in China for a short time than wire rope hoist. At the beginning of its application, some manufacturers only added a motor to the hand chain hoist, which is called "chain hoist". The chain hoist at that time not only slowed down, but also had relatively poor performance. Because of the preconceived relationship, the electric chain hoist gives people some bad impression. After that, the PK type chain hoist introduced from Demag has a lifting speed of 12m/min. The single speed CD steel rope hoist is 8m/min fast. After that, many domestic high-end chain hoist products can reach more than 10m/min, and the lifting speed is not worse than wire rope electric hoist.

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