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What is the lifting height of the electric hoist?
Aug 07, 2018

      Many non-professional purchasing staff of electric hoist are not very familiar with the product, so every time asked by the sales staff about the demand, many are at a loss. Frequently mentioned questions such as: What is the rise of electric hoist? On this issue, Wuxi Yongchang for everyone to collate the answer for reference.

      The lifting height of the electric hoist is h, which refers to the distance from the bottom of the track to the lowest point of the hook. Some of the lifting devices of the electric hoist are below the ground or the top of the track, and the interval between them is called the descending depth. At this time, the electric hoist can not exceed the lifting height in actual use.

      The hoisting height of the electric hoist is a problem that the buyer must understand. Only if you know what the quality of the product you buy, the salesman can recommend the correct type according to your needs, so that the money will not be wasted.

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