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Manual chain block use maintenance precautions
Dec 27, 2018

 Manual chain hoists are versatile and can be used for vertical lifting as well as horizontal or tilting. The manual chain hoist has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy to carry, simple operation, safe use, easy to grasp, and convenient maintenance. Before use, it is necessary to check carefully to see if the hook, chain and shaft are deformed or damaged, whether the pin of the chain root part is firm and reliable, whether the transmission part is flexible, whether the brake part is reliable, whether the chain is slippery or not. Drop chain phenomenon.


During the use process, it is necessary to keep the manual chain hoist hanging firmly, and check whether the hoisting chain has a kinking phenomenon. If it should be adjusted, it can be used.


In the process of operating the manual chain hoist, the bracelet needs to be pulled back and the lifting chain is relaxed, so as to ensure a sufficient lifting distance, and then slowly rise. After the chain is tightened, check each part. No abnormality, whether the hook is appropriate, and confirm that it is normal before continuing to work. Do not tilt the chain and do not use excessive force.

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