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Operation requirements and load carrying capacity of vertical steel plate lifting clamps
Jul 13, 2018

The vertical steel plate lifting clamp is mainly used as a lifting tool for lifting and moving steel plates during operation. It is called steel plate clamp or steel plate clamp when operating, and vertical steel plate lifting clamp It is mainly forged from its imported low-carbon alloy steel, which not only ensures the impact resistance and load-carrying capacity of the steel plate clamp, but also increases its toughness and elongation, which greatly improves the safety performance of the steel plate clamp.


The surface of the steel plate clamp of the vertical steel plate lifting clamp should be smooth and flat, and there should be no cracks or damage. The welding place should be welded through, no slag inclusion, no welding deformation, no cracks in the rings, shaft holes, etc. of the whole product. The amount of wear of the rings shall not exceed 10% of the original diameter.


The steel plate clamp of the vertical steel plate lifting clamp must be tested with twice the load during operation, and can be kept for five minutes to a certain extent. After unloading, it should be fully inspected without permanent deformation. The opening of the steel plate clamp jaws should be increased by 10% within the original size. Steel plate clamps shall be marked with a safety load and the like.


Vertical steel plate lifting clamp characteristics

Light weight, compact structure and easy to use. Simply lift the steel plate with the electric hoist, chain hoist or crane.

Steel plate pliers are tools for lifting and moving steel plates. They are mainly used for machining, steel structure welding, cutting, handling and moving operations in mechanical processing, just in the market, shipyards and other occasions.

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