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Product characteristics and storage requirements for DFM turn clamp
Aug 02, 2018

Due to its low price, good quality and high cost performance, DFM turn clamps are favored by users. Because of its simple structure, low center of gravity and solid utility, it is mainly suitable for horizontal and vertical lifting of steel plates and lifting of steel sections. Shipped.


The DFM turn clamp is made of Shougang low carbon alloy steel, which is most suitable for H steel and other steel inversion; its load range can reach 0-10 tons. The single test is used as the rated load, and the lifting operation is used only for the lifting operation. When the horizontal lifting is required, the balance beam is required.


DFM turn clamps can not collide with the object being lifted during lifting, and it is strictly prohibited to use overload. When the DFM is used to invert the lifting clamp, the relevant suspension loading and unloading operation shall be carried out by the qualified person for hanging and hanging work; and it shall be used only within the allowable load and the allowable thickness.


In order to be durable, daily maintenance is essential. After use, clean it up and use a rag or wire ball to remove debris caught in the gap of the tongs. After cleaning, it is necessary to lubricate the oil. Note that the lubricating oil should not be too much. Also choose a dry, ventilated room for storage, avoid direct sunlight; and neatly placed, do not discard.

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