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SL drum clamp lifting and maintenance and maintenance
Sep 29, 2018

1. After the logo of the SL drum clamp is lost, it should be replenished in time to avoid mistakes.

2. The storage location should be protected from rust and damage to the surface of the transverse tongs.

3. Apply grease to each active part when not in use for a long time.

SL type barrel clamp is a kind of lifting tool used for lifting and moving steel plates. It is also called: steel plate clamp, steel plate clamp and steel plate lifting clamp. The steel plate clamp is forged from imported low carbon alloy steel, which not only guarantees the steel plate

The impact resistance and load carrying capacity of the pliers also increase its toughness and elongation; greatly improving the safety and life of the steel pliers.


SL drum clamp lifting

1. Do not use objects other than steel.

2. Not for objects with excessive hardness.

3. Objects with irregular slopes are not available for vertical lifting.

4. It is not possible to use a vertical crane in the case of a horizontal bite.

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