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The use and correct use of horizontal steel plate lifting clamps
Jul 31, 2018

The horizontal steel plate lifting clamps belong to the narrow-faced steel plate clamp, which is characterized by small size and light weight, and is easy to operate. At the same time, the horizontal lifting steel lifting clamp adopts special alloy steel cam with high temperature quenching, high-strength steel body, quality Excellent, long service life.


It has been observed that the horizontal steel plate lifting clamp has a pull-type safety lock, which can greatly increase the safety guarantee; and the bolt-type locking device makes the equipment safer to operate. Because the automatic fastening mechanism of the horizontal hanging steel lifting clamp is strong, the fastening force is more than twice the load of the load, so its grip is large and it is good to prevent falling off.


At present, horizontal lifting steel lifting clamps are widely used in horizontal cranes, horizontal cranes, handling, reversing, turning, welding, assembly, loading, stamping and other operations, which play a role in carrying heavy objects and give people Provides greater convenience.


The horizontal steel plate lifting clamps should be inspected before lifting. The center of gravity of the steel plate should be located at the center of the polygons of the two sets of lifting clamps. After lifting the steel plate, it should be in a horizontal state. When the angle between the steel plate and the horizontal plane is greater than 7 degrees, it should be readjusted. Horizontal clamp position.


In the operation of the steel plate tongs, there shall be no personnel in the dangerous area below; during the lifting process, the lifting steel plate shall not be subjected to collision and impact; the steel plate tongs shall be used within the allowable load range and the thickness of the plate; Insert it until the steel plate touches the inner side wall of the transverse tongs in place.

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