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Using skills of manual chain blocks
Sep 10, 2018

      Manual chain hoist, also known as immortal hoist, catty, hand hoist, is a simple to use, portable manual lifting machinery, also known as "chain hoist" or "inverted chain". It is suitable for short distance lifting with small equipment and goods, and the lifting capacity is generally not more than 10t. Chain hoist has compact structure and small pulling force.

      Before lifting, check whether the upper and lower hooks of the manual chain block are fastened. Strictly prohibit the wrong operation of heavy objects hanging at the tip. The lifting chain should be vertically suspended, and there must be no wrong chain link. The lower hook frame of the double row chain should not be turned.

      The operator should stand in the same plane with the hand chain pull chain, so that the hand chain wheel along the clockwise direction of rotation, can make the weight rise; reverse pull the hand chain, the weight can slowly drop.

      When lifting heavy objects, people are prohibited from doing anything or walking under heavy objects, so as to avoid personal accidents.

      Special attention: the use of hand hoist is strictly prohibited.

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