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Use Chain Hoist To Complete Heat Exchanger Set For Inlet And Outlet Towers
Dec 10, 2018

Successful Heat Exchanger Set for Longest Inlet-Out Tower in China


      Zhongxin Harbin, Nov. 29 (Li Tianbiao reporter Wang Lin) Harbin Power Group Harbin Boiler Plant Co., Ltd. released news on Nov. 29. After 16 days and nights of struggle, China's longest tubular inlet and outlet tower heat exchanger pipe system was formally installed successfully in the plant.

      This equipment is the core equipment of Yanzhou Mining Group Inner Mongolia Rongxin Chemical Projects with an annual output of 400,000 tons of coal to ethylene glycol and 300,000 tons of polymethoxydimethyl ether. It is of great significance to speed up the construction of China's modern coal chemical demonstration base in Erdos, Inner Mongolia. The overall weight of the equipment pipe system is about 156 tons, up to 24 meters, with 9221 heat exchanger tubes, which is the longest in China at present.


      This equipment not only has the longest length, but also has poor rigidity of piping system. The friction resistance of the suit is very large and the hoisting process is very easy to deform and bend. Harbin Electric Power Boiler uses three-dimensional modeling software to simulate the package situation, and finally determines the two-stage package scheme. The whole assembly process is very spectacular. Four cranes cooperate with each other, using 21 wire ropes, 22 unloading, 6 jacks and 4 hand chain hoists to carry out comprehensive and coordinated operation, and ultimately complete the assembly task.